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Employment Litigation

Guerra Law, APLC represents plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of employment matters, including wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, civil rights violations, and wage and hour disputes. We also represent city, county and state employees with administrative proceedings, including but not limited to disciplinary hearings before the Board of Rights of police and fire departments.

Guerra Law, APLC has an advantage over other firms by having an active practice representing both the employee and the employer so long as a conflict of interest does not exist. Our expertise enables us to fairly assess your case, anticipate issues that might arise, and use our skills and litigation tools to handle your case whether you are an employee or employer.

With respect to employers, we provide human resources advice and counsel, preparation of handbooks and non-disclosure agreements and represent employers in a broad range of industries. Alternatively, with respect to aggrieved employees, we provide pre-lawsuit advice in terms of how to deal with an employer when you have a complaint and advise and counsel if there has been an unjustifiable change to your employment status.

Please note under California and federal law, there are strict procedures for employees who have potential claims before a lawsuit can be filed. To avoid the waiver of any rights, it is imperative you file a claim through the appropriate state or federal governmental agency to preserve your rights and sue in civil court. Employees experiencing unlawful activity should seek legal advice immediately to avoid the waiver of any claims.